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Introduction-Best Foot Forward

Posted on 5 July, 2015 at 9:40

Your feet. They are the driving force behind your ability to ultimately get from one destination to the next. They are one of the most articulate examples of biomechanics, the way your bones interact with each other when you walk, your joints, the shock absorption qualities of when your feet hit the ground, they truly are an amazing feature. However, for many, they are taken for granted. There remain a lot of people who do not consider their feet as important, they don't look after them the way that they should, and sadly, this leads to a whole host of problems, some of which can be debilatating, and can even restrict mobility.  The assumption for a lot of people is that," oh, they're only my feet, who sees them? they are just there to walk on." In this section I hope to be able to educate you as to why it is important to look after your feet, what can go wrong if you don't,and what a difference general foot care can make to your life. Sometimes the benefits can be amazing.

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